Search tips

There are four ways to search: type, hue, name, hex/rgb.

Type: all, dark, light, pastel, pale, deep, muted, rich, bright, neon

Hue: warm, cool, red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, violet, purple, magenta

You can search for either hues or types, e.g. red or pastel. You can also mix hues and types e.g. muted yellow or neon blue

Single color searches will produce a second color randomly. To search for a second color, connect the first one using with, and, on, &, +. For example: muted & neon violet.

Name: Searching by name returns slight variations on a named color, e.g. coffee.

Hex/rgb: Searching by hex code or rgb returns an exact color, e.g. #FFEE00 or rgb(0,200,155).

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